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Kelly McAndrews

I'm an energy medicine practitioner and licensed acupuncturist. I help people release emotional stress and trauma through an energy healing technique called Emotion Code. Everything is energy- from our our thoughts and beliefs, relationships and environment, to the food we eat. I've spent the last 25 years working with thousands of people in the areas of fitness, nutrition, yoga, Chinese and functional medicine. During this time I witnessed and personally experienced the body's tremendous healing ability given the right conditions. You have so much influence over your own health, let me show you how to get out of your own way.

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I'm passionate about educating and inspiring you to radically improve your health.

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I approach wellness by combining emotional wellbeing with long-lasting lifestyle change. 

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Release emotional stress and trauma. It could be the missing link.

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Throughout my career, I've seen thousands of people harness a deeper level of health and wellbeing through an integrated
mind-body approach.

- Jennie

"After the first session I felt a calm that I had not felt in a long time or maybe ever. Her feedback on the emotions she cleared and ages was amazingly accurate and fit with a common theme I realized I had struggled with most of my adult life. I feel like a layer was lifted from me."

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- phil

" I have felt more confident in my skin and have noticed deeper connections in my relationships. I find myself able to have “hard” conversations in a much easier and authentic way. Since Kelly worked with me, I find myself attracting people and opportunities that align with who I am at my heart. Life seems to be flowing in a fluid and purposeful way."

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"She is a gifted intuitive and experienced healer who is in-tune with the many aspects of what constitutes well-being. For this reason you are getting so much more when you work with her-- understanding and insight on a deep, multi-dimensional level, kind and caring to boot. Thank you, Kelly!"

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Let's set up a call where we can connect for 15-20 minutes where I can answer any questions you have about Emotion Code and discuss what priorities are your main focus. We can connect to see if we are a good fit for each other for your journey.

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