"I was amazed at the accuracy of the emotions that showed up during these sessions. For someone else to label those feelings I've carried with me, some for a majority of my life, was pretty remarkable. And for them now to be released, wow, what a noticeable difference! The pay-off not only shows up in my personal relationships, but this came in extremely handy when negotiating a job offer. I would recommend Kelly and her Emotion Code work to anyone and everyone! It is the most exhilarating feeling to be freed from some of those emotions that tether us to old ways of being."

Kind Words

I work with adults, children, and animals using emotion code. Here is what people are saying.


"Kelly helped me with my cat that has had anxiety for years that manifested in self-chewing and licking. He would go months with no fur on his stomach and legs, covered in scabs. After finding no help from veterinarians, animal specialists, and diet changes, I turned to Kelly. She used Emotion Code sessions to release old emotions and rebalance his energy! I have seen a huge difference. All his fur has grown back and stayed that way for a year. He also has significantly changed emotionally; Kelly is the best!"

"My 16 year old son experienced sudden loss of his eyesight due to a virus. He was a straight A student who was working diligently towards college and a promising career. As we struggled to get answers about the future of the condition he became very depressed, withdrew socially and was unable to sleep at night due to the anxiety. After the first Emotion Code session his anxiety lowered enough so he was able to fall asleep again. With each session he would continue to get more talkative, once again optimistic about the future, it was unbelievable the changes. After 4 sessions and a whole foods anti-inflammatory diet, he went from legally blind to visually impaired and his sight continues to improve. Not only that, but as a result to releasing the trapped emotions his once strained relationship with his father has greatly improved."

"I can’t say enough great things about the work Kelly did with me. Since she used Emotion Code to clear out unprocessed emotions around my heart wall, I have felt lighter, less burdened. I have felt more confident in my skin and have noticed deeper connections in my relationships. I find myself able to have “hard” conversations in a much easier and authentic way. Since Kelly worked with me, I find myself attracting people and opportunities that align with who I am at my heart. Life seems to be flowing in a fluid and purposeful way. And when setbacks and disappointments come, they don’t knock me down as dramatically as they might in the past. I’m able to process those experiences in a grounded and less attached way and for that I feel grateful”

"A friend referred me to Kelly for emotion code, at the time I was struggling in my career, feeling overwhelmed as a mom and had recently lost my dad who I was very close to. I had 3 sessions to release my heart wall. I noticed a difference immediately after Kelly would do a session, I felt lighter, less heavy hearted. By the end I felt a dramatic shift in both my mood and attitude. I believe this work has helped guide me down more positive path, I feel happier and more grounded."


"Kelly's methods truly sound too good to be true, but the success we have experienced speaks for itself. As our family transitions to our new normal after a divorce, our children were experiencing some difficulties. Kelly helped my daughter out of her sadness in just three sessions and now she's back to being a beaming, happy girl. Our son was having a difficult time sitting still in class and after a few sessions, his teacher says he now does a much better job of paying attention. I have Kelly on speed dial!"

"After hearing about Kelly and seeing the positive changes in family members that had worked with her, I decided to try it out for myself. I immediately found Kelly easy to talk to. We decided to work on releasing the trapped emotions in my heart wall. After 3 sessions and my heart wall being released I was amazed at all the things that started to happen in my life. I had been closed off to romantic relationships for a long time and suddenly out of the blue someone came into my life. I had also been procrastinating about a move I wanted to make and the ideal opportunity presented itself. After having my heart wall removed I feel lighter, happier, have less guilt and find myself making decisions with more ease."


"My 13 year old has suffered from an unexplained cyclic vomiting problem for the last 12 years of her life. We have seen every type of Western doctor including the nation’s top specialists. The doctors have no idea what causes it, but the cycle occurs like clockwork every 70 days. In addition to severe abdominal pain/migraines, nausea, vomiting and migraines, she has vertigo for multiple days. In addition to Western medicine, we have exhausted every form of Eastern and holistic medicine.
The first cycle after her heart wall release was amazing. She felt a bit “off” but she went to school every day. This experience was mind-blowing. For her 2nd episode, she did vomit once, but still had none of the other symptoms. We are still working on the vertigo. I want to say Kelly has performed a miracle, but the reality is she just did the emotion code. It is crazy to think that trapped emotions could have been the cause of this condition. I can’t wait for more time to pass to share this experience with other parents with children dealing with this same issue."


"I am almost 50 years old, and for the last 25 years, I easily "tear up” not only during commercials or sad movies, but also when telling, listening or thinking about situations dealing with bravery, helpfulness, those in pain. My friends will tell you I’m the most empathetic person they know, but it was exhausting. I couldn’t share my thoughts or a story without pausing due to the fact, I was about the tear up OR I would have to cry through the story…on a daily/weekly basis. Since I wasn’t sad or depressed, it didn’t seem right to take anti-depressants. In my case, it took a few sessions beyond clearing my heart wall, but I have experienced a tremendous improvement in my tearing up — 75 to 80% improvement!!   

I knew it was a huge success when on the phone with a friend who was having a really bad day. Through her tears, she said 'I can’t believe you aren’t crying with me!' I said 'I hear and feel you, but I’m telling you this Emotion Code has made a huge difference in my life.'"   


"Kelly is a complete breath of fresh air- down-to-Earth and easy to talk to. I so enjoyed connecting with her and could really feel some emotional lightening happening from our Emotion Code sessions. She was spot-on in many of her assessments of my emotional history. She is a gifted intuitive and experienced healer who is in-tune with the many aspects of what constitutes well-being. For this reason you are getting so much more when you work with her-- understanding and insight on a deep, multi-dimensional level, kind and caring to boot. Thank you, Kelly!"   


"I was referred to Kelly for the pain I was experiencing from fibromyalgia. She was able to reduce my pain as well as pinpoint emotional struggles that I've had, despite knowing nothing about me. An added benefit is that this has had a positive effect on my relationship with my daughter-in-law, which allows for spending more time together as a family!"   


"I asked Kelly to work on my 18 year old niece, with her permission, who lives out of the country and has been receiving in-patient treatment for 3 years with anxiety and depression. She had a difficult childhood with little support and a lot of loss. She was sick of seeing doctors and being put on medications, so she was open to trying something else. Kelly did about 7 sessions on her and wow, what a difference! Her mood has improved, she’s living at home and holding down a job. She is happy, confident, and has been able to reduce the dose she takes of all her medications. She even recently said, 'I don’t really understand what she did but it was the most helpful of everything I've tried'!"   

"I have experienced great relief from daily stresses and other 'buried' emotions since I started working with Kelly and her amazing techniques. I just call it magic. But try it for yourself and see what you think. You will be amazed.

"I started working with Kelly when I began having severe anxiety that left me paralyzed at times. Each session that she did slowly started to ease the pain and tension that I was feeling. After 5 sessions, I can proudly say, that I have not had any anxiety attacks in months and feel so much lighter and in control of my body. It's been an amazing experience to say the least!"



"Kelly is the real deal. After the passing of my dog Leo, my other dog Poppy would not eat food or drink for days. It really started to be concerning for me. Kelly did 2 sessions on Poppy, things got noticeably better after each session. She is now eating again and drinking. She is very much back to her happy puppy self. Kelly also took time to have a phone conversation with me about Poppy’s emotions and it all made so much sense. I’m forever indebted to her."


"I have had "heart wall" and Emotion Code sessions with Kelly which have played such an instrumental role in my healing process. After each session I felt a huge weight lifted. It’s hard to explain, but I felt a noticeable difference in my day-to-day life. I always appreciate the time and care she puts into explaining the details of the session to me. I call her my real-life angel."



"I was introduced to the idea of Emotion Code from a friend who had worked with Kelly. I was struggling with weekly migraines, feeling overwhelmed and had difficulty sleeping. After 3 sessions to release my heart wall, my migraines are gone, I feel more relaxed, confident and have never slept better."






"I worked with Kelly on mental blocks I had with changing jobs and starting a new business. She did 3 sessions to release my Heart Wall and I can honestly say I feel better than I have in years. There was a noticeable change after each session. I've had the courage to start a new business venture with more confidence and ease. I'm so happy I gave it a try.


"I worked with Kelly a couple years out after going through a difficult divorce. She worked with me and my two kids on relationship issues and tension that still existed. I feel calmer and rarely experience any anxiety. We are all in a better place from this work. 


"After doing Emotion Code sessions with Kelly I was able to move forward from an unhealthy relationship. I was able to establish better boundaries with people, feel confident in trusting my intuition, and felt less affected by the opinions of others. I am so grateful for the work she did with me. I feel much more like my true self.


    Thank you!

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