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Throughout my career, I've seen thousands of people harness a deeper level of health and wellbeing through an integrated Eastern-Western approach.

- Jennie

"After the first session I felt a calm that I had not felt in a long time or maybe ever. Her feedback on the emotions she cleared and ages was amazingly accurate and fit with a common theme I realized I had struggled with most of my adult life. I feel like a layer was lifted from me."

client love

- phil

" I have felt more confident in my skin and have noticed deeper connections in my relationships. I find myself able to have “hard” conversations in a much easier and authentic way. Since Kelly worked with me, I find myself attracting people and opportunities that align with who I am at my heart. Life seems to be flowing in a fluid and purposeful way."

client love


"She is a gifted intuitive and experienced healer who is in-tune with the many aspects of what constitutes well-being. For this reason you are getting so much more when you work with her-- understanding and insight on a deep, multi-dimensional level, kind and caring to boot. Thank you, Kelly!"

client love

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Get started on the right path and learn to shift your energy!

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    Get started on the right path and learn to shift your energy!

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