My healing story

I feel grateful that early in my career I learned from what I consider renegade doctors, who forever changed the lens through which I view disease. In 2002, these progressive medical doctors were using nutrition and lifestyle to alter biochemistry and reverse chronic disease, including cancer. It made much more sense to use this functional medicine model of looking at diet, environment, stress, and emotions as a root cause most health conditions rather than just treating symptoms. There is a constant interplay between the nervous system, our thoughts and emotions, and the immune system. Since I strongly resonated with this, I built my practice around addressing the whole person.

I'm Kelly

I have worked with many people who experienced complex anxiety disorders, stress, and trauma. Those who released stressors, trapped emotions, and chose to adopt consistent healthy lifestyle habits experienced long-term success. the whole-person approach is effective.

I have witnessed the body's unbelievable capacity to heal given the right conditions. Since this occurred so many times, it made me curious to explore beyond acupuncture and nutrition. Now I realize that meditation and energy healing is a vital part of regulating the nervous system in order to change the body's chemistry. This essential piece must not be overlooked if you want to truly heal. I now look at symptoms or discomfort as information we can either ignore or explore.

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work with me

A bit more about me . . .

I have two adorable kids, Emma and Connor.
I’m always up for remodeling project, all things beautiful and cozy.
I love to cook for friends and family.
These days, I’m a huge vegetable lover but a recovered sugar addict.
I can’t live without music and movement. 
I’m happiest near a body of water.
I run on passion and inspiration, surrounding myself with it at all times. 
I’m open-minded and love neuroscience.
I am grateful that I absolutely love my career since it connects me with amazing people.
I love animals, especially boxers, meet Enzo.

My Formal Credentials

Master's Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine 

Board Certified Licensed Acupuncturist (California)

B.A. in Exercise Science & Nutrition (Arizona State University)

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner
Functional Medicine Practitioner (IFM)

Certificates in Nutrition & Energy Work

Nutritional, Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching (20 years)

Certified YogaWorks Instructor (18 years)

I'm a yogi in training. I just recently discovered how amazing it can be both physically and mentally!

I love interior design and studying about it! I am constantly rearranging our home.

My dog Jet! He's the perfect little companion and always gets me out of the house when I need a break.

I have a passion for photography and love to take candid photos of friends and family!

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